Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yes. I HAVE been living under a rock. I've never made my own guacamole. But that ends here. HOLY COW. It was SO good. I have no words. I used apple cider vinegar instead of lime juice to no ill effect. I've made this four or five times in the past week so I've had plenty of time to experiment with lime juice or cider and whether or not I like tomatoes and other 'extras' in there.

Turns out, I like guacamole. I doesn't seem to matter what's in it.

Make some. Now. It's delicious.

Calories: Depends on what's in it. One cup of avocado contains 235 calories
Makes: Again, depends on what you put in it. Somewhere in the ballpark of 1.25 cups
Find it: On page 69 of Veganomicon
Tastes: Divine

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