Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pilaf of Oats with Ginger and Jalapeno

I don't think I've ever had pilaf before but I grew up on oatmeal so we've plenty of that on hand. I was a little hesitant. After all, it's combining my trusty oatmeal with jalapenos, ginger and tomatoes. Not to mention onion. Onion and oatmeal. YUCK! But, as usual, CD is right on. The flavors bounce nicely off one another and this is delightful. I ate the whole batch over two days (sorry sweetheart!) but we had a potluck at work today for the Seniors' club. They liked it too(after I convinced them that the weird looking lump was eatable). The only trouble I had with it was that the heat required to toast the oatmeal is too high for the mustard seeds and they start popping right away. I suggest turning the heat down and having the onions ready to throw in as soon as the seeds are done. Enjoy!

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