Monday, October 23, 2006

Sugar-Glazed Peas with Radishes and Greek-Style Green Beans

I know, I know: I haven't written in ever. We moved - AGAIN. Long story. But we're of the school of thought that the month before a move, no new groceries are bought so as to move less stuff. It works great except that it means mandatory grocery shopping right after a move. Not exactly high on my list of things to do. But finally, today I made up a list and set off for the store. I love the Sugar-Glazed Peas. I'm not surprised. I have loved peas for so long that, once, in high school, my Physics teacher (Bob Garcia) was explaining that grocery stores use plastic over their chest freezers to save electricity and, thus, money. When he said how much money (it was a LOT) he said, as a joke, "They would have to sell a lot of peas to make up for that." And I, seemingly unable to stop myself, announced, "I'd buy them, I LOVE peas!" No surprise, my yearbook is inscribed with that exclamation in more than one place. At first blush, I thought I'd over salted the peas (my cooking pet peeve) but the sugar played so nicely off the salt, I couldn't stop eating them. This dish will be even better when I make it with radishes out of my dad's garden next summer! And, as always, I love that this dish was quick and easy to make. In fact, why isn't this dish in the quick and easy section?
Greek Style Green Beans. GREAT! They do take awhile to make, but they were so , so easy. Make them. I always think it's a sign of good cooking when something has layers of taste and this has it in spades. My only tip is that if the beans don't look shriveled after 30 minutes, feel free to continue cooking them. I think it's better to cook longer over a flame that is too small than to burn them by cooking with a flame that is too high. Done right, they will fall apart and melt in your mouth.
Either way, these two dishes made for a fantastic dinner. My husband is probably jealous - he's "working" in Hawaii while I'm enjoying delicious food. Who do YOU think is the winner?

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