Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chocolate Bread Pudding Maurice with Raspberry Sauce

My mother used to make bread pudding for me when I was little. With raisins and lots of cinnamon, it was delightful. If you're looking for that same, bready moist taste, steer clear of this. But if you adore chocolate and want a rich (and I mean RICH) chocolate goodness with the sass of the raspberry sauce, MAKE THIS DESSERT. I made it for my family's Thanksgiving as they are all chocolate lovers. I bought a dense, European, unsweetened bread from the the Breadsmith here in Chicago. It was very easy to make (even if I did have to look up what CD meant by "scald the cream") and I just trusted that CD was right when she said "it WILL set up". I made Strawzberry Sauce instead of Raspberry (75% Strawberry, 25% Raspberry) to go with the bread pudding. My families decision: DELICIOUS. So good, in fact that no one would take any home. I know in the rest of the world that means it wasn't good - but in my family, everyone seems to think if they love it, they should stop eating it or it will make them fat. So every time I tried to pawn some off on someone, they would say, "Oh, I can't - I'll eat it all!". My mom is going to visit the Crazy Oven Lady (dear friend of the family) today and said she would take the rest to her. My only advice to make this creamy, lovely dish better: Cut the recipe in half.

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