Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dessert Nachos

My sweetheart thinks these sound gross. Akin to "Dessert Pizza". There are just some things that shouldn't be eaten as dessert and, for him, nachos are one of them. For me, they sounded better than they turned out. They were rather time consuming to make and I will probably only make them again for a big party or something. They are low-ish in sugar (especially if you omit the "Sour Cream") so I may use this for future times when low sugar is desired in a cookie. As far as working my way through the book goes, I killed three birds with one recipe. I had to make Fruit Salsa, Dessert Nachos and Pecan-Cinnamon Parchment Triangles to do the whole thing. Once I got the hang of the rolling out of the dough (which by the way I had to do with a bottle of Sherry since we didn't get a rolling pin like we registered for and, for now, I'm too cheap to buy one) it went fairly quickly. And, I have to admit, when the lemon custard boiled and turned clear (just like CD said it would) felt like a gourmet chef! I arranged everything on a plate to look just like nachos and my sweetheart did manage to eat three. Out of about 130 cookies, he ate three. I guess I know what I am bringing to the potluck at work tomorrow.

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