Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sweet Potatoes with Grand Marnier in Orange Cups

I don't like sweet potatoes. They are already sweet and people insist on piling on brown sugar and marshmallows until they are sticky and just candy-like. But CD does such a good job selling these that I made it for one of my dishes to pass at my family's Thanksgiving. To add to the pressure, my mom said if I was making sweet potatoes, she wouldn't make any at all. Great. However, I knew this was a winner when I first whipped them. The orange-y taste is refreshing and unexpected. It just begs you to take another bite. I made them the night before and toted them on the train Thanksgiving morning. Upon arriving at my parents' house, I put them in a bowl, sprinkled the rest of the Grand Marnier on top along with the butter and brown sugar and popped it in the oven. There was too much Grand Marnier on top and it didn't have a chance to all burn off (the oven was set at 350 instead of 375 but we WERE trying to cook six different things at once) so the top layer had a definite tang to it. Luckily, we stirred it up before serving and solved most of that problem. Next time I'll just sprinkle the rest of the Grand Marnier on top and stop when it's well sprinkled - even if there is some left. Otherwise, these were a hit. There were none leftover so I think it's a sign I should make them for Christmas, too!

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