Monday, January 08, 2007

Ginger Sauced Carrots

I don't recall if that is the ACTUAL name of the dish but my cat has me held prisoner in this chair until he decides to get up. So, for now, they are Ginger Sauced Carrots. Anyhow, they're gone. My sweetheart liked them so much that he ate them all. He ate at least a half a pound of carrots in one go because he liked them so much. As is our custom, he LOVED them and I thought they were okay. Well, better than okay. They were good but I didn't snarf them down like he did.
Additionally, I made crockpot polenta today in anticipation of making Cabbage with Carmelized Garlic, Kidney Beans and Greens tomorrow. I've seen recipes where you have to stir polenta constantly when at the stove for 45 minutes. This was plug it in and go. It was nice. The polenta is going to turn out rather plain I'm afraid (doesn't all polenta?). And I'm eager to try the 'spicing up' tips CD offers. But I'm going to try it 'regular' first and then throw whatnot in. We shall see.

Update: Ginger GLAZED Carrots is the actual name. Sauced = Glazed? Oops

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