Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sweet-Sour Skillet Soysage Supper

It's good. It's not great. I'll probably never run through the house chanting "Sweet-Sour Skillet Soysage Supper" over and over. But it's good. I put in a bit of extra honey as the blackstrap molasses was very prominent. It turned out fine. Also - I'd never heard of "tomato fillet" before. Though it sounds obvious, I had to look it up to be sure. There was barely any liquid in the pan at first but after it simmered for 20 minutes there was significantly more liquid and it was much better. It has nice heat and isn't spicy - it's more sweet. So it's a nice change. I sliced the carrots a hair too thick but it's nice to have a firm carrot in a sea of softer foods.
We spent the last of our wedding gift cards from Pampered Chef. I'm FINALLY going to get a chef's knife (I've been using steak knives all this time!). It came today via UPS but no one was home. Here's hoping we can get the timing down tomorrow!

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