Monday, April 02, 2007

Gigi Hamilton's Really Hot, Really Delectable Mixed Beans with a Lot of Ginger

Excellent. So good. I made a whole pot of these and we ate them all over the course of a few days. I've never had hominy (I had to look up what it was online to help me find it in the store) but it was great! Every time I had these at work and would heat it up, people would ask what I was having. I LOVE having great smelling, vegetarian dishes that people seem surprised smell so good. We will be making these beans again and again. The 1/4 cup of ginger is a lot, but I diced it in the food processor in a fit of laziness* and it worked great!

*If I had to cook food the hard way (the way our mothers and grandmothers had to) I doubt I would cook so much. I mean, you've read how much I love my food processor. Really. We would just eat out, I'm afraid.

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