Monday, April 09, 2007

Quick Yeasted Pizza Dough, Processor-Style and CD's Favorite Greek Pizza

We decided to have pizza tonight. Actually, I wanted to run to the store and grab a frozen pizza and call it a day but, at the last second I had a change of heart and decided to see what CD had to offer in the pizza department. My sweetheart used to live next to this little hole-in-the-wall pizza dive that served Pizza Capriosia which was just a good, Greek style pizza.CD's recipe sounded similar so I gave it a whirl.
The dough was too easy to pull together; its only down fall of course being that it takes almost an hour to rise. The hour, however gave me time to run to the store for ingredients. I did substitute canned artichokes for frozen and didn't pile the pizza as high as CD suggests but otherwise followed the recipe. Finally. Not since Kung Poa Tofu have my sweetheart and I agreed on a recipe being 'Great' or 'Okay'. This one gets two very full thumbs up. We can't wait to have it again and show it off to friends. I almost wish we had invited friends over...but that would mean less for me to eat. Maybe next time. There is one down fall though - I can never again eat that frozen Greek style pizza now that I know how it 'should' taste.

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