Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blueberry Crisp

Holy COW! This is so, so good. And so easy to make. We had Bill and Agnes (awesome friends of ours) over for lunch and we had a huge meal that they either really liked or put on a good show for me. I served this with ice cream for dessert. They raved and had seconds. I've discovered those to be the perfect compliment to the chef - topped only by asking for the recipe. But the raving is nice. I made this with peaches because I don't care that much for blueberries. I don't hate them but a whole pan of them seems overwhelming to me. Perhaps a half a batch of blueberries. Anyhow, I snuck a bite of the crisp before I baked it and it was so good. I might even like the crisp better than the fresh fruit I was using. It's hard to say. I should make another pan of it to help me decide........

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