Tuesday, March 06, 2007

CS's Famed Tofu-Broccoli Enchiladas

Good. Not swooning good but certainly good. Might I advise you to be sure you don't over-chop the onions and broccoli? You really need those solid chunks in the smooth mixture. I hate adding salt to things but have found it's needed to perk some things up and the mixture needed more salt than the 1 t she suggests. Otherwise, this was really good. My new 'thing' is that, if I'm going to eat something that is high in fat or calories, I don't scrimp. Meaning no more buying cheap, pre-shredded cheese. If I need cheese from now on, I'm buying the good stuff. I did this last night and I noticed a difference. My sweetheart simply proclaimed everything 'good' so who knows. I'll make this dish again but maybe not because I'm craving it.

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