Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baked Bananas

Ew. I love banana bread but the idea of a baked banana seems....weird. But I trust CD and this was so easy to make it was a joke. My husband saw me put it in and take it out and his question of "Um, are you going to bake that banana?" and "Uh....that banana is black!" perfectly summed up my hesitations. Then I cut it open and put butter and brown sugar on it and we both shut up so we could shovel in this delicious dessert. The only weird thing then was that my brain was shouting "Hey! That's a black banana - it's going to be mushy!" and my taste buds were singing how good it was. It doesn't taste like banana candy (thank goodness!) but it is great! Try it. First you'll weird out your guests/family and then they'll be asking if there are more.

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