Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Basic Gravy with Variations

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Considering last year's scant vegetarian offerings (cookies and bread), you'll understand why I'm arming myself with plenty of vegetarian options for this year - including bringing my own gravy. This gravy is really good! I'll keep shopping around for other gravies but this one is exactly what the title says: It's a nice, basic gravy.
It's pretty easy to make even if I tend to be a bit impatient when browning the flour. And I beg of you to pour the stock in SLOWLY and make a bit of a paste first before dumping in the rest of the stock. Otherwise you'll have little, undissolved flour bits floating around. The ingredients are all things I tend to have on hand so it's super easy to make. The only change I made was to saute some finely diced onion and red pepper (about 2T each) to add in at the end. It makes a really nice addition. Oh, I think I threw in a dash or two of Spike for seasoning. Delicious!
The recipe yields two cups and I see no reason why you can't 'volunteer' to bring the gravy to Thanksgiving dinner. No one will be disappointed with this gravy and it's vegan! Now if I can just take over the making of the potatoes...

Makes: About 2 Cups
Cooking time: About 15 minutes total
Find it: On page 117 of Vegetarian Meals for People On the Go
Taste: Excellent

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