Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes

Okay. I've never had crab cakes. I can't personally tell you how these stack up. But I did have a crab cake lover tell me these were good. So I guess if you trust him...
I made these for our monthly sibling/cousin brunch. They were a hit. I knew they were good when I couldn't (fine - didn't want to) stop eating the uncooked batter.
Jewel didn't have the panko bread flakes so I used bread crumbs and then only 2 cups instead of 3. Otherwise, I made no variations. I'm not sure the nori sheets really added a whole lot of 'fishy-ness' to the dish. But I super chopped them in the food processor and put them in anyhow.
The remoulade she has you make is the PERFECT topping for these bad boys. I imagine that this is really what crab cakes are like. Even the tempeh helps out by reamaining in chunks that fall apart easily - reminicent of crab meat. They weren't 'lick the platter clean' but they were good and a fun, fancy change of pace. I'll definetly make them again should I have company. I might try putting in some Old Bay Seasoning to make it taste more 'fishy'.

Makes: 10-12 2" patties
Find it: On page 132 of Vegan Brunch
Taste: Pretty Good. B+

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