Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tangy Marinated Vegetables

I love pickles. My mother used to make Sweet Refrigerator Pickles. It entailed sugar, vinegar, maybe some water, onions, cucumbers and time. That last part was the one I had trouble with. They're supposed to sit in the fridge for days - a week, maybe? I'd be into them within hours. To this day, I've never had a batch last to the end of the week - when I'm supposed to START eating them. I wonder if they're any better?

Anyhow, I love Vegetarian Times, so when they published a recipe for Tangy Marinated Vegetables, that sounded an awful lot like "Time to Make Pickles" to me!
I made them an hour ago. I have eaten some already. They are great!
The recipe calls for carrots, broccoli and mushrooms but, hey, it also says to marinate at least four hours before eating. Yeah, right. I substituted onions for the mushrooms. I'd like to try the mushrooms someday, but, not having had them on hand, I stuck with onions. And they're all so good. They're perfect for a picnic or just to take along to a pot luck. Super easy to make - but no one needs to know.

Next time, I'll layer the vegetables. Right now, I've got poor broccoli on the bottom that I can't reach so I've not had those, yet.

Maybe they'll make it the whole four hours!

Calories: 61 calories per 1/2 cup
Makes: About 4 cups
Find it: Here
Taste: Delicious!

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