Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but I made these twice in the span of one week. My mother used to make non-chocolate thumbprint cookies when I was small with a little dot of frosting in the middle. As I recall, she used her actual thumb which I think leaves a special little trace of love (gag!). So I was happy to try these even though I wimped out and didn't use my thumb (they're hot!).
At first blush, I thought I'd messed up as the batter is quite thick, but they turned out perfectly the first time (the second time was a different story). I used several types of jam (surprise!) to try them out: Red raspberry, apricot, black raspberry and strawberry. That's the order in which I liked them and will use again.
Feel free to add more flour if the batter is in any way runny. You need it to be quite thick and able to hold the shape of a ball before baking. About halfway through baking, you pull them out and make an indentation (if you're tough you can use your thumb, if you're me you use the back of a melon baller), drop in a teaspoon of jam and pop them back in for 5 more minutes. Done.
And wonderful.
Eating them is a delightful, moist bite of chocolate and then a surprising little blast of jam. The red raspberry and the apricot play off the chocolate so well. You might want to make a double batch to ensure that someone else gets one. Just one.

Makes: 2 dozen
Find it: On page 205 of Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Taste: Great!

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