Thursday, August 06, 2009

Taco Soup

So I'm back to slow cooking and I can't remember why I stopped. I love it. I got back in the saddle with Taco Soup from A Year of Slowcooking. She is delightful and her vegetarian recipes are great! Anyhow, I tried out her Taco Soup which isn't really a soup but more like ...Taco Casserole? But soup sounds better. And either way, it tastes great and could not be more easy. I added a few things to the recipe (Heaven forbid I just leave it alone!). To start with, I halved the recipe. I browned an onion and a few cloves of garlic and I used frozen corn instead of canned. I also added a cup of stock to compensate for the lack of moisture from the missing canned corn. Lastly, I used TVP (the crumbled tofu that looks like ground beef) to replace the meat.
It's pretty good. I served it with nutritional yeast on top (for a cheesy flavor) and some crumbled chips. The chips give it the real 'taco flavor' and add some texture.
Next time, I might add some raw onion or diced tomatoes as a garnish or I might throw in a jalapeno. The recipe calls for two cans of diced tomatoes: One with chilies and one without. I used the can with and I still think it could use some more kick. But then I like things spicy. Also, next time I'll probably use chili powder and ground cumin instead of a taco seasoning packet just because they're so high in sodium.
Still, with all those potential changes, this was really good and really easy. I imagine it's an all around winner if you have a big family.

Calories: 260 per 1 cup serving (not including any garnish)
Makes: 6 cups (remember - I halved her recipe)
Find it: Here
Tastes: Pretty good: B+

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