Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Carrots Moutarde

This dish was good and pretty easy to make. I don't chop food Juilenne so well but I gave it the old college try. I chopped the carrots into tiny little matchstick sized bits and proceeded to saute them with the (delicious!) sauce. The first batch left the carrots too hard and the sauce scant and sticky. The second batch came out much better. I resorted to using a peeler and shaving off rather thick 'peels' until the carrot was no more. I steamed the 'peels' for five minutes and then sauted half the called-for carrots with 100% of the called for sauce. Excellent if I do say so. But my sweetheart said he felt like he was eating an ingredient in a dish as opposed to the actual dish. I think this can be remedied by making the carrots a bit thicker. Luckily, one of our wedding gifts was a Julienne peeler so I can try again with that. Regardless, I thought these were great and I would love to have them again.

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