Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oven Roasted Asparagus

Growing up, asparagus was always cooked one way: Steamed. It never really dawned on me there was another way to eat it. Still, when the first bunches of asparagus appear in Farmers' markets everywhere, as well as (what you suspect are) the last, one can't help but take some home. Oven roasting asparagus is too easy for words. Rub a little oil on the stalks and roast. When they start to look shriveled, sprinkle some salt on them and they're done. It's perfect. It's the only thing I ate for dinner. I could eat more tonight if I had some. It's a totally different spin on asparagus - completely in another direction from the slightly soggy, steamed version I had growing up. You really need to try this one. Not only is it a little fancy to see all the asparagus stalks lined up and sizzling but there are no words for the moist, inner surprise with the crisp, salty exterior. All food should be like this.
In case you wondering, we did get hot water on Monday! Hooray! And my wonderful, fantastic, sweet husband spent the day doing laundry, dishes and super-cleaning the apartment so that when I got home I hardly recognized the place! Three cheers for him!!

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