Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spaghetti Squash Sonora

Excellent! This dish is great albeit neither neat nor pretty to serve but who cares when you're scarfing it down? We used to eat spaghetti squash at my house when I was little. My mom would cut it in half, bake it and put spaghetti sauce in the hollow. I did not like it. THIS, however, I like! It was very easy to make (which is always appreciated!). I, of course, doubled the garlic cloves and just putting the oil and garlic on those piping hot strands of squash smelled great. I also substituted canned refried beans instead of rehydrated ones and used jarred sauce instead of making my own. Even with those changes this dish was great! I'd happily serve it to company (I'd be sure to give them the neatly stacked ones, though!). I'm cutting back on my dairy to see if it helps my allergies. I really don't have bad allergies but the last two times I over did the dairy (huge milk shakes) I got really sick/sniffly/sneezy. I thought I would cut out the dairy for a spell and see if that helps. So the Sonora had scant cheese on it and it was STILL good! A little red wine for the man and some garlic bread for me and we were in heaven.

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