Sunday, September 17, 2006

Scallioned Beets and Their Greens in Herbed Mustard Sauce and Basic Baked Beets

A trip to the Farmers' Market this Saturday led to the purchase of a bunch of beets. I used to hate beets as a kid but that was because I'd only ever seen them in a can. Now that I've met them in a state more closely resembling their roots, I love them. Making the Basic Baked Beets is very easy and the aroma created by the slowly baking beets is earthy. Their smell reminds me of dirt that my dad would dig up for posts or when tilling the garden. The scent of freshly turned earth makes me feel like everything is safe and good. Cutting into them is always a surprise. Their dark, knobby exterior hides a shocking red jewel color, marbled with lighter colored shades around the center. They are truly gorgeous. The Basic Baked Beets are used in the first recipe so I made those first and, while they were baking I lined up the rest of the ingredients. Fairly easy to make and not too shabby a meal. I probably won't ever crave this particular beet dish though my sweetheart said it was really good (we seldom agree on a recipe being 'great' or 'only okay'). We'll probably make this again the next time we have a pile of beets on hand. It was also a great recipe to make as I've no counter space. We've been without hot water since Thursday (yes, that's four days now with little hope of relief for three more) due to a 'landlord mix-up'. To avoid any accusations of libel, I won't go into it but just imagine your kitchen after four days of cooking and no way to easily wash. I actually used my oven door for more counter space. Plus the stove top is QUITE sticky from the Thai Crystal. Oh, c'mon Thursday with your piping hot water and it's practically magical cleaning properties.

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