Sunday, September 24, 2006

Salt of the Earth Breadspread

Equal parts tahini and miso, throw it in a food processor and you're done. I've never even seen tahini before and have barely used miso. Tahini is gross. I opened the jar and sampled some - YUCK. But the taste wasn't so overpowering that I thought this recipe was doomed. I plowed ahead and whipped up a much smaller amount than called for, you know, just to see how it is. It is not good. I tried it on a cracker and I actually shuddered when I tasted it. Which is too bad. I love good food and I seem to love good condiments even more. Sadly, this will not be making an appearance in my house again. I threw it in the fridge so my sweetheart can try it when he gets home but ten dollars says he won't like it. Too bad Salt of the Earth Breadspread, we could have been great friends.

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