Monday, September 11, 2006

Voluptuous Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Yum! This is great dip! Plus I love roasting peppers and peeling off their skins. PLUS I got to use neufchatel cheese which is delicious on its own. The only thing that really takes time with this dip is letting the peppers steam after they roast (please do this - you're only helping yourself) and then just letting it cool in the fridge. It's so easy to make. I actually made it once before but I only had my tiny food processor then and sort of had to eyeball cutting things in thirds to blend it together and I didn't have any only turned out okay. But this time it was much better. It's best if you keep it cool. Warming it up even a little bit makes it runny. This spread is the base for a soup and CD recommends using it to toss with pasta but, it's so good, it might not make it that long!

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