Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thai Crystal

I occurs to me that I should make some of the condiments near the beginning of this project so that I might us them throughout. Thai Crystal was an obvious one to start with: I love Thai food, I finally have a garlic press (thank you, Wallaces!) and I had all the ingredients on hand. CD says this is child's play to make and she's right. Even mincing 40 cloves of garlic was easy as pie. And it is fantastic!! It's sweet and spicy and just delicious. I put it on plain rice and later on some veggie buffalo wings. It calles for 2T of crushed red pepper to be stirred in at the last minute and I'm thinking that maybe next time I'll split the recipe and make half of it hot and half of it not. Also, it's a touch too sweet for me in large quanties (and it's so good I want to use LOTS of it!) so I'm thinking maybe next time I'll cut the sugar as well...still, it's delicious as is! Plus, it sounds a little bit like a drug, "I scored some Thai Cryastal. It's gonna be awesome!" So it tastes good and makes you sound a little dangerous. The perfect combination.

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