Monday, September 11, 2006

Morocc'n'roll Oven Roasted Carrot Spread and Roasted Carrot Spread with Fresh Ginger and Curry

These two dips/spreads are very similar in that their base ingredients are the same. Both require a pound of carrots, one red onion and one head of garlic to be roasted with tamari sauce and oil. That alone was scrumptious! It made the whole apartment warm and smell great! I could have just eaten the vegetables. The Ginger and Curry dip required some sauteed ginger for which I got to use my brand new garlic press for the very first time. It was so cool!! It's not going to replace hand-chopping the garlic for me, though. I'll use the press when I need a lot of garlic but I can chop garlic by hand pretty fast, too. Still, it was fun! I also got to use a great wedding gift for the first time. We received a Cuisinart 14 cup food processor as a wedding gift (Thank you Josh and Eryn!). I'll admit - I thought it was too big at first. That thing kicks butt! It's so great! It's quiet and it actually gets the job done. I cooked for six hours yesterday and I used that thing the whole time. Before this, I only had a 3 cup processor from Black and Decker. It was okay. It was too small (especially to puree soups) and didn't do as good a job. But this giant Cuisinart beast is thing to behold! I personally like to chop veggies by hand so it won't replace that for me but it is perfect to make silken spreads or puree stuff within an inch of its life.
The Roasted Carrot Spread with Fresh Ginger and Curry is just a bit too strong for me. Were I to make it again, I would halve the suggested curry (or use a more mild one) but then I'm not a huge curry lover. It's a decent dip and it won't go to waste at our house but I don't think I (or my sweetheart) will ever be craving it. Ditto on the Morocc'n'roll Oven Roasted Carrot Spread. Solid, decent but I won't be coming back for seconds. Both spreads can be used as the base for other things so I may experiment with that or freeze them for when we have a party to go to and unload them there. I'll admit, I'm disappointed since those vegetables smelled FANTASTIC coming out of the oven and the spreads are only so-so but again, I'm not a huge curry lover so that might be the problem on the one hand.

Find it: Morocc'n'roll Spread - page 23 of PV and Roasted Spread on page 15 of PV

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