Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chipotle con Crema

My husband is a stage manager at the Second City here in Chicago. The job definitely has its perks and we get to meet a lot of very talented and wonderful people. The downside is that he travels a lot: Three, week long tours this month, each separated by a few days. The upshot to this is that I can crank the music quite loudly and cook a good deal without feeling like I'm ignoring him. I started today with Chipotle con Crema. It would probably be a bigger hit with me if I liked chipotle peppers more. Nonetheless, I dabbed some on the leftover beans and quinoa I'd made yesterday. The taste builds quite a bit as you eat more. Oddly, it got better and better the more I ate. Still, I couldn't help but feel like it needed just one more demention of taste. I'll probably make this again when I have a huge dish of taco salad going (in fact...maybe that's what I'll make for lunch today....) but I'll cut the recipe in half.

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